The crypto world was in chaos with the gas-monster terrorizing and devouring everyone.
Lost and scared, citizens finally found solace when they reached SolanaTown.
Finally a NFT metaverse built on the Solana blockchain. 

Solana Town plot


SolanaTown is a metaverse because here we combine all the projects in Solana Ecosystem.
Every Solana NFT has a way to integrate and participate in SolanaTown. 

Yes! PeskyPenguins, SolSteads, DegenMonkeys and any other NFTs that you have in your wallet.
Once you login with Phantom wallet you are able to add your 3D models, 2d art, sounds and videos into SolanaTown.
Based on integration capabilities - you may even add your NFTs as your avatar in SolanaTown.
The true metaverse we all deserve! 

SolanaTown is made up of 5000 plots of land, which players can build upon and design.
We are selling access to these plots as Resident Token Mint. The first 1089 tokens were sold in public mint. Now available on MagicEden
On the land you are able to import NFTs you own as 3D models, paintings , playable music etc.
Imagine a Solmee, sitting on a SolSeat outside a SolStead in the SolanaTown !

You can read through our Medium articles.
A detailed litepaper would be coming in time. 

The Alpha version of SolanaTown is live and playable.